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Free Crochet Christmas Card Ornament Pattern

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Free Crochet Christmas Card Ornament Pattern

Crochet Christmas Card Ornament Pattern Crochet Christmas Card Ornament Pattern

The square ornament shown above has just one round of sc, ch 1.
The round ornament shown above has a second round of hdc around.

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Any size hook (I used an I hook), Christmas cards, hole punch, small amount of any color 4 ply worsted weight yarn


Cut two Christmas cards into either squares or circles of the same size. Put the two pieces back to back (make sure to match the tops of the 2 cards so that one side's picture won't end up sideways or upside down). Using a hole punch, punch holes around the edge of the cards.

For round cards: Join yarn to a hole on the top right side of the card, ch 2, *sc in next hole, ch 1*, repeat * around , join with sl st to beg. ch 1, sl st over to the middle of the card, ch 10, and join in beg. ch (for loop).

For square cards: Follow same instructions as above but make sc, ch 1, sc in corner holes.

If you want to make another round around the outside of the card, just sc (or can use hdc or dc) in each st around and then make the ch 10 loop after that. Try a different combination of stitches and you can make each ornament look a little different.

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