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Lounging Pajamas

These pants should be constructed from light weight cotton or rayon that drapes well. They are quite baggy and very comfortable worn with a long shirt overtop.

pajama pattern pieces
You will need thread, a long skate lace and fabric that is twice the length from waist to ankle plus ten centimeters (about four inches). For purposes of the diagram I've shown regular seams but it is a good idea to finish all raw edges by doing French or flat felled seams. (Remember: stitch wrong sides together at 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch; press seam open. Stitch right sides together at 1 cm or 1/2 inch; press seam.) Some handbinding will be required at the pockets and waist band.
The following instructions are written with the assumption that you have sewn pants before. I hope they can be deciphered.
pajama pattern layout
#1 leg and pocket 1.) 6 cm from top, put pocket pieces (one part of) onto rectangular piece. Make sure you make mirror images.
2.) 6 cm from top, put pocket pieces (one each) onto two of the leg pieces. Make sure you make mirror images!#2 inside leg and pocket
#3 legs and pockets together 3.) Put pockets together. Make sure that rectangular piece goes with leg piece.
4.) Topstitch pocket front. Put other side of leg together.#4 legs together topstitch pocket
#5 inseams of legs5.) Put inseam of legs together.
6.) Put legs together at crotch and front and back. Double stitch. Leave hole for drawstring at front. (Bind raw edge.) #6 inseam of crotch
#7 waistband 7.) Fold down top to have a two and a half centimeters (one inch) waist band; stitch. Put 2 bound holes on inside of wiast band for drawstring. Thread drawstring (skate laces) through waistband and tie ends together. Hem pants (2.5cm or one inch).

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