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Need lots of Valentine's Day Printable Games, Puzzles and Crafts fast?

Great! Instantly download our new E-Book of Valentine's Day Printables.
  • More than 40 pages of fun for kids to adults
  • All original games and puzzles
  • Print as many as you'd like
  • The file is yours to keep and use again and again

Valentine Printables

Valentine's Bingo

Valentine's Bingo for up to 24 players. Bingo cards have both pictures and words. Cards are printed 2 to a page making it easy to separate them quickly with one cut.

Broken Heart Mazes

Can you reunite the hearts? Mazes in three difficulty levels -- Easy, medium, and very hard. Answer keys provided.

All Answer Keys included! We make it easy for you to have fun!

Valentine's Day Puzzler

Follow the instructions and when you are done, the remaining words will form a romantic message reading from left to right, line by line. Answer key provided.

Hidden Picture Puzzle

Color in all the spaces that have a dot in them to reveal the hidden picture. Answer key provided.

Word Search Puzzles

Three different difficulty levels with solutions included.
  • Easy - 8 words to find in a 8x8 grid. All words go from 'left to right' or 'top to bottom'
  • Medium - 16 words in a 10x10 grid. Words can go forwards, backwards, up, down, or diagonally.
  • Hard - 24 words in a 15x15 grid. Words can go forwards, backwards, up, down or diagonally with some clever tricks to make it more difficult.

Word Scramble

Solve the words with the letters scrambled. Answer key provided. Here's a tip - the words are listed in alphabetical order.

Just Print and Go!
Print as many as you want. Use it again and again!

Connect the Dots Puzzles

Two original Valentine's Day connect-the-dots puzzles with solutions.

Valentine's Day Card to Print and Color

A cute, original Valentines card template that can be colored and decorated. Just fold, and deliver!

Heart Shaped Favor Box Template

An easy to make heart shaped paper box. Color and decorate, then cut and glue.
Candy Crossword Puzzle

Candy Crossword Puzzle

Solve the sweetest clues around. Original crossword includes solution.
Famous Couples Match-up

Famous Couples Match-up

How many couples from history, literature, and pop culture can you reunite? Answer key included.
Shakespeare's Sonnets

Shakespeare's Sonnets

Pick the right words from the word bank to complete phrases from lovely words of yore. All answers provided.

Print within minutes and enjoy the Valentine's Day Puzzles, Games and Crafts.
Valentine Printables
  • Easy to print, fun to play Valentine's Day games and activities
  • Great variety -- an excellent Valentine's Day resource
We think you'll love how easy and fun our Valentine's Day Printables E-book can be! Free Crafts Network
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