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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Americana Painted Bench

Break out the red, white and blue paints for this stunning Americana painted bench. Added to Decorative Painting and Patriotic Crafts

Categories: Painting, Patriotic Crafts
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Stamped Canvas Easter Tote Bag

Fun and different idea - foam stamps and ribbon make a festive spring tote bag. Added to Easter Crafts and Rubberstamping .

Categories: Easter Crafts, Holiday Crafts, Stamping
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Vacation Bible School Crafts

Here's a collection of Vacation Bible School craft projects from the Michael's crafts store website. Added to Kids Crafts .

Categories: Kids Crafts
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Patriotic Apron

Perfect for a Memorial Day or Independence Day barbecue, stitch or fuse this patriotic apron. Added to Sewing and Patriotic Crafts.

Categories: Holiday Crafts, Patriotic Crafts, Sewing
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Friday, May 26, 2006

Crochet Jacket

Here's another request from our message boards - a crochet jacket. Added to Crochet and Knitting patterns.

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Vintage Crochet Bikini

I found this cute vintage crochet bikini for someone on our message boards. Added to Crochet & Knitting.

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beaded Bracelet

Simple but interesting beading technique that could be used for different looks. Added to Jewelry-Making.

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Fingerprint Eggs

Use your fingers to decorate your eggs next Easter in this easy kids craft. Added to Easter Crafts.

Categories: Easter Crafts
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My Favorite Things Layout

Here's a fun scrapbooking idea that will get lots of journaling on your page. Added to Scrapbooking.

Categories: Scrapbooking
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tomato Pincushion Footstool

This tomato pincushion footstool, complete with hanging strawberry, is the perfect accessory for your sewing area! Added to Sewing.

Categories: Sewing
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Crochet Baby Booties

Cute little booties made mostly with double crochet. Added to Crochet and Knitting.

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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How to Felt Over a Bar of Soap

Interesting idea to make a scrubbable soap for your shower. Added to Soapmaking.

Categories: Soapmaking
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Scotty Dog Scroll Saw Wood Puzzle

Free scroll saw pattern for a Scotty Dog puzzle. Added to Woodworking.

Categories: Woodworking
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Friday, May 12, 2006 Crossword Puzzle

Wedding Fun 2 Crossword
More fun with wedding words. Try our crafts crossword puzzle. Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Newsletter, Wedding Crafts
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New Projects in Rubber Stamping

Rubber Stamping is all-new! Here's some of the free projects added:

Rubber Stamping Greeting Cards Christmas Cards
Stained Glass Card
Sachet Card
Confetti Heart Shaker Card
Embroidery Card
Frame Cards with Ornaments
Easter Card
Shaker Cards
Pocket Idea
Poetic Prints Pleated Scroll Card
Spring Birthday Cards
Frame Cards with Ornaments
Magic Mosaic Card
Embossed Rose Card
Picture Frame Cards
Wedding Place Cards
Graduation Card
Merry Ornament Card
Holiday Accordian Banner
Heart Potpourri Card
Stampin' and Scrapbookin'
Forever Roses Page
Stamped Background Papers
Class Reunion Layout
Sandcastle Lessons Layout
Mother's Day Layout
Elegant Journal Cover
Envelope Book
Altered Board Book
Little Altered Book
Attaching Altered Pages
Perpetual Calendar with Pockets
ATC - Artist Trading Cards
Oh la la ATC
Bead and Ribbon ATC
ATC Template (pdf)
Embossed ATC
Easy ATC
ATC Primer
ATC Book
Folded ATC
ATC Wall Art
ATC Binder
Stamping Everything Else
Stamped Wrapping Paper
Cellophane Bags
Rubber Stamp Barrettes
Rubber Stamp a T-shirt
Homemade Stickers
Homemade Rubber Stamp Ink
CD Gift Case
Stampin' Snowglobe
Doggie Bandanna
Falling Leaves Place Setting
Stamping at Plaid Online
Classic Desk Caddy
Mini Fridge Magnets
Halloween Stamping
Stamped Spiral Notebooks
"Domino Art" Part I
"Domino Art" Part II
Tag Book Necklace
Wineglass Candle Lamp
Rollup Shrink Beads
Stamped Butterfly Mobile
Roses & Ribbon Tablecloth
Clay Jewelry
Duckie Baby Shower Gift
Magnetic Chalkboard
Recipe Book
Kitchen Canisters
Christmas Box Set
Lightswitch Cover
Stamped Cement Patio
3-D Dragonfly Pin
Rubber Stamp Techniques
Marbelized Background
Brayer Techniques
Stamping on Wood
Carving Your Own Stamps
Shadow Stamping
Painting with Powder
Stretching your Rubber
Tips for a Better Impression
Fabric Stamping
Stamping on PolyShrink
Stamping on Different Surfaces
Gel Pen Embossing
Hot Glue Seals
Layered Embossing
Rubber-stamped Candles
Stamping with Bleach
Foil Stamping
Frugal Rubber-Stamping Tips
Stamping Glossary
Stipple with Dye Inkpads
One Stamp - Many Looks
Ink Pad Basics
Serendipity Technique
Potato Prints
Stamped Paper Tole
Masking Techniques
Faux Postage
Faux Wood Grain
Making Multiple images
Using Versamark
Embossing Basics

Categories: Newsletter, Stamping
Link to this Entry Arts & Crafts Review - Creative Computer Crafts

The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts Creative Computer Crafts: 50 Fun and Useful Projects You Can Make with Any Inkjet Printer
By Marcelle Costanza

Computer Crafts have really grown up! When began 5+ years ago, Computer Crafts was one of our original pages, but the book and project pickings were always a bit slim. Well, we updated that page a few weeks ago and it's full to bursting. This book is another example of how far computer crafting has come!

In the past, I've found that computer crafts books were hard to recommend. They often were outdated or not very useful because they gave directions for just one program and the projects were not so interesting. Well, I'm happy to find a book that I can heartily recommend. The 50 projects in this book will amaze you in their creativity, and the instructions are general enough to use with any good desktop publishing program.

Some of the projects do require special papers, and the appendix lists sources. Besides, how else could you make scratch-off tickets, stemware shrink charms, or decorative mirrors, to name a few? There are many unusual cards and fabric printing projects. They have great directions and lots of uses. Other projects are definite head-turners:

-Revolving Musical Carousel
-Baby Bib Birth Announcement
-Stained Glass Votive Holder
-Rainbow Easter Basket
-Transparent Pyramid Boxes
-Wedding Lights
-Matchbook Mints

There are three introductory sections to this book, covering interesting topics. The author of this book is a pioneer in computer crafting and explains her journey and the maturing of computer crafts in a very readable beginning. Next, she discusses computer crafts supplies. The explanations of different printers, scanners and software is detailed but not too technical. I like how she gives a range of suggestions for hardware - good, better, and best.

Once we've mastered a craft and invested in the tools and supplies, we often wonder if we can sell our crafts. The third chapter gives a thorough overview of where and how to sell your creative output. She speaks with experience, and crafters will enjoy such good info on this topic.

If you've got a hankering to turn out colorful and creative items from your inkjet printer, there isn't a better book out there. I'll have alot of fun with this one!

Creative Computer Crafts: 50 Fun and Useful Projects You Can Make with Any Inkjet Printer

12 Assorted Roses w/ FREE chocolate, only $29.99!

Categories: Computer Crafts, Crafts Book Reviews, Newsletter
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Categories: Coupons, Newsletter
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

News From AllCrafts

Hello Crafters!

Welcome to the AllCrafts Update, the email newsletter of, the Free Crafts Network. News

Creative Times Bi-Monthly Magazine is full of Crafting Articles, Interviews, Online Craft Business Tips and Free Patterns in every issue. Get your FREE copy today! You'll love it!

Categories: Newsletter
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Soap Dish Basket

Here's a quick basket weaving project - a soap dish basket with a wooden base. Added to Basketmaking.

Categories: Basketmaking
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Outdoor Wedding Twinkle Tent

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, a lighted twinkle tent looks lovely. Added to Wedding Crafts.

Categories: Wedding Crafts
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1200+ Free Quilt Blocks

Superb collection of free classic and original quilt blocks. Regular templates and paper-piecing templates are provided for each block. Added to Quilting.

Categories: Quilting
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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mother's Day Kids Crafts

Lots of Mother's Day cards, gifts, activities and more for young children. Added to Kids Crafts and Holiday Crafts.

Categories: Holiday Crafts, Kids Crafts
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Plant Dyes

From a Girls Scout site, a how-to guide for discovering plant dyes. Added to Nature Crafts.

Categories: Nature Crafts
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Lighthouse Cross Stitch Pattern

Charming little lighthouse to stitch for lighthouse collector. Added to Needlework.

Categories: Needlework
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sweetheart Necklace

Easy kids crafts for Valentine's Day, also might be nice for Mother's Day! Added to Valentine's Day Crafts.

Categories: Valentine's Day Crafts
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Patriotic Plastic Canvas Patterns

Many different patriotic plastic canvas patterns - great variety. Added to Plastic Canvas and Patriotic Crafts.

Categories: Patriotic Crafts, Plastic Canvas
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Virtual BeadBoard

Here's an online tool to design necklaces and more. It also calculates how much material you will need - handy if you're creating multiples. You do need to register, but it is free and easy. Added to Jewelry-Making and Beading.

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Built-in Drop Leaf Table

Here's a clever woodworking project for a small space. Added to Woodworking.

Categories: Woodworking
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Jean Purse

Create a fun hobo style purse out of an old pair of jeans. Added to Sewing.

Categories: Sewing
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Christmas Elf Dolls

Detailed directions to make cute mini dolls to use in Christmas decorating. They'd be fun in a Christmas wreath or hiding in the Christmas tree. Added to Doll-Making and Christmas Crafts .

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Doll-Making
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Guideposts Knit for Kids Project

Knit a sweater for a child that needs one. Guideposts magazine provides the free pattern and distributes the sweaters around the world. Added to Crochet and Knitting.

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Soapmaking Lessons

Several comprehensive soapmaking lessons from beginner to advanced. Added to Candle and Soap Making.

Categories: Soapmaking
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