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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gardening Crossword - Crossword Puzzle

This time of year, I can't get gardening off my mind. Here's a hint - drought tolerant landscaping starts with an X. Test your knowledge with our crafts crossword puzzle. Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Gardening, Newsletter
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New Projects in Kids Crafts

The Kids Crafts section is all-new!


Flower and Leaf Press
Water Scope
Art Printables
Make Your Own Marbles
Braided Jump Rope
Flowers in a Vase Mother's Day Card
Kids Craft Recipe Factory
Clay Recipes and More
Garden in a Baby Food Jar
Kid Printables
Holiday & Seasonal Printables
Printable Solar System
Printable Dollhouse Items
Printable Dinosaur Models
Printable Haunted House
World Record Paper Airplane
Free Coloring Pages
Preschool Pages
Birthday Party Themes
Personalized Invitations to Print
DragonFly Pins
Plastic Egg Bunnies
Calico Roses
Handprint Elf Ornament
Baby Food Jar Snowmen
Shoeprint Reindeer
Crayon School Box
Pipe Cleaner Bugs
Friendship Bracelet
Alien Cross-Stitch
God's Eyes
String Art Sailboat
Small Plastic Canvas Box
Hardanger for Kids
Jeans Pocket Pouch
Autumn Leaves Birds
Homemade Chalkboard
Autograph Book
Printable Paper Dolls
Photo Frames from CD Boxes
Homemade Puffy Paint
Dream Catcher
Holiday Pony Bead Patterns
Beaded Safety Pin Swaps Categories: Kids Crafts, Newsletter
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Patchwork Puzzle Balls Book Review Arts & Crafts Book Review
Patchwork Puzzle Balls
by Jinny Beyer

Oh - these are too cute! First, there were fabric boxes and bowls - which I love! Now, try your hand at fabric balls.

Let me admit my bias - I like cute, clever projects. Jinny Beyer has done the math and laid it all out in clear steps. Plus, you can use up all those fabric scraps that you just can't throw away!

There are more than a dozen projects in this book and they are a good variety on this one theme. Since this book is by Jinny Beyer, the color schemes are inspiring and some of the projects make good use of border prints.

What will you do with fabric balls? Use them in home decor, for the children in your life, as cute baby gifts and more. The designs start simple and get sophisticated. The temari style balls would make a lovely gift, too.

Patchwork Puzzle Balls at Categories: Crafts Book Reviews, Newsletter, Quilting
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From Wendy at

Hello Crafters!

Welcome to the AllCrafts Update, the email newsletter of, the Free Crafts Network.

Just in time for summer, the Kids Crafts page is all-new! We've organized the page into categories, and added more types of kids crafts. There are many new ideas, plus some classic kid crafts listed. If you don't have any kids around at the moment, you may want to borrow one or two, because some of the project are so fun!

I'll post each article from this newsletter. Categories: Kids Crafts, Newsletter
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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Free Printable Scrapbook Paper

Nice collection of background prints that you can print at home.ristmas, Baby, Dots, Fourth of July, and many more. Also added to Scrapbooking and Computer Crafts sections. Categories: Computer Crafts, Scrapbooking
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Plastic Canvas Valentine Mailbox

Cute mailbox to hold your valentines next year! Consider changing the design to match your decor - it could hold outgoing mail. Also added to Plastic Canvas and Valentine Crafts sections at Categories: Holiday Crafts, Plastic Canvas, Valentine's Day Crafts
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Wooden Trains Project

Simple woodworking project to make a very cute toy train. Also added to Wood Crafts section. Categories: Woodworking
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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Quick T-Shirt Dress

Cute little idea to make a quick dress. Minimal sewing involved. Also added to Sewing section. Categories: Sewing
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Ballerina Costume

Very creative - this will keep your little ballerina warm on Halloween - the costume is sponge-painted on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Also added to Halloween costumes section. Categories: Halloween Crafts
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1870 Milk Paint Formula

Recipe to make milk paint - great for an antique look for your project. Also added to Painting section at Categories: Painting
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Friday, June 24, 2005

Home Based Jewelry-Making Business Idea

Offers several great-looking kits to get started in jewelry-making, with a definite emphasis on running a business. Also sells beading supplies and tools. The Resources section is particularly nice. Added link to Jewelry-Making & Beading section. Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Crafting Business
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Candle Making Basics

Nice introduction to Candle-making. Also added to Candle and Soap Making section. Categories: Candle-making
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thank you, Sew News Magazine

Sew News has kindly mentioned the Sewing page at in their August Issue. No link to their Web Picks section at their website yet. Very thoughtfully, they sent us a copy of the magazine:

"AllCrafts offers free patterns and machine information. If you have an antique machine, this is the place to go with your questions. Find recommended sewing supplies, books, magazines, websites, techniques and tips for dealing with tricky fabrics like silk. Web Picks August 2005" Categories: Sewing
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Doll Theme Craft Party

Have everyone over for a doll party. You provide the dolls, and I would ask everyone to bring supplies, like a potluck. Also added to Dolls section at

Categories: Doll-Making
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Wash Cloth Bride and Groom

Try this cute project for an up-coming wedding shower. Also added it to Wedding Crafts section. Categories: Wedding Crafts
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

S&S Kids' Arts & Crafts Showcase

Kids Crafts Alert - I found this wonderful gallery of kids crafts projects here at S&S Crafts Supplies S&S Kids' Arts & Crafts Showcase!
S&S Kids' Arts & Crafts Showcase

They have an awesome selection of kids crafts - great for groups this summer. Lots and lots of Craft Kits Categories: Crafts Supplies, Kids Crafts, Newsletter
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Findings & Finishings Book Review Arts & Crafts Book Review
Findings & Finishings: A Beadwork How-To Book
by Sharon Bateman

The opening chapters give a simple but thorough overview of beads, threads, wires, tools you'll need, and the basics of working with beads and wire.

True to the title, the strength of this book is her chapters on findings and finishings. These ending details can take your bead work from homemade to wow!

The photos and instructions are very comprehensive. This book includes at least 100 different techniques using purchased findings and ones you make yourself. All types of findings are covered:

* Head and Eye Pins
* Spacing Bars and Connectors
* Terminals
* Spacers
* Crimps
* Clasps
* Ear Wires
* Pins

Many of these ideas are very innovative. I was even more fascinated by the finishings chapters. They included some great ideas for edges, fringes and original beadwork on findings.

The photo gallery will inspire you to branch out from her ideas even more. Highly recommended to take your beadwork to a new level of expertise.

Findings & Finishings: A Beadwork How-To Book at
Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Crafts Book Reviews, Newsletter
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Quilting Crossword - Crossword Puzzle

Think you know all about quilting? I can't say more - I'll give away some answers! Test your knowledge with our crafts crossword puzzle. Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Newsletter, Quilting
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Sewing at Updated

The Sewing section at is all-new! Lots of new books - isn't it time to clean out your old sewing books and try some new ones? You could even sell the older ones on

All of the free projects have been updated. Lots of new free projects, too.

Here are the new projects added to the Sewing section.

Online Sewing Book
Pumpkin Placemat
Striped Placemat
Shower Curtain
Window Scarf
Slip-Covered Dining Chair
Duvet Cover
Pillow Shams
Measuring for Windows
Creating the Broomstick Look
Machine Hems
Recycled Jeans Skirt
Fabric Lunchsack
How to Use a Serger
Buying a Serger
Serging Stretchy Fabrics
Serger Tips
Embroidery Machine Terms
Puff Embroidery
Sewing Machine Maintenance
Evening Bags
Autumn Tablecloth
Fleece Car Organizer
Serged Windsock
Fleece Ball
Wheelchair Tote
Online Sewing Lessons
Free Sewing Software
Lots of links to Juice Pouch or KoolAid purses and ideas
Clutch Purse
Online Sewing Lessons
Wheelchair or Walker Caddies
Casserole Tote
Serger Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rests
Embroidered Mantle Scarf
Embroidery Jewel Boxes
Baby Towel Bathrobe
Gingerbread Man
Heirloom Stitches Dress
Humpty Dumpty Doll
Placemat Purse
Zipper Pocket for Handbags
Using the Ruffler Sewing Machine Foot
Gingerbread Man Wreath
Doll Pincushion
Doll Grocery Bag Recycler
Paperback Book Cover
Triangle Head Scarf
Patriotic Picnic Set
Reversible Sweatshirt Jacket
Gathered Strips Rag Rug
Scented Hanger Covers
Denim Place Mats
Golf Club Cover-ups Categories: Newsletter, Sewing
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Monday, June 06, 2005

Beaded Chain Belt and Bracelet

Instructions for the latest fashion trend - beaded chain belts. Added to Jewelry-Making section. Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Father's Day Card Making

Father's Day is June 19. This site has a nice variety of Father's Day card projects. Added to Card-Making section. Categories: Holiday Crafts, Paper Crafts
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The Ships Project

The Ships Project
This group sends certain hand-crafted items overseas to the soldiers. They have specific needs, so check carefully. One item they accept is cool ties Categories: Patriotic Crafts, Sewing
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Gift Box Templates

Gift Box Templates
Three boxes to print and fold - Christmas, quilt pattern and blank. Added to Computer Crafts section. Categories: Christmas Crafts, Computer Crafts
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Free Bead Earring Instructions

Free Bead Earring Instructions
Beginner jewelry making project. Good photos in these instructions. Added to Jewelry-Making section Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Wooden Christmas Stocking Tree Stand

Great way to display your cherished family Christmas stockings. Another great project to get started on while the weather's nice. Added it to Christmas Crafts and Woodwoorking sections.

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Woodworking
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Free Wood Craft Project: Halloween Pumpkin

I know it is nowhere near Halloween - But, this is a great project to do now since it is designed as a 3 foot yard pumpkin. I'd rather paint this outdoors or in the garage with the door open. Much warmer here in June than October!

I added it to Halloween Crafts and Tole Painting.

Categories: Halloween Crafts, Painting
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