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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Daisie Company Digital Scrapbooking Free Bee

Nice weekly freebies - sometimes page kits, sometimes graphics. Added to Scrapbooking

Categories: Scrapbooking
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Bead and Buttons Bracelet

Great beginner seed bead project - easy to customize the colors to match an outfit. Added to Jewelry Making and Beading.

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Wedding Balloon Decorations

Considering a balloon arch or other balloon ideas for your wedding? Here's some ideas and tips. Added to Wedding Crafts.

Categories: Wedding Crafts
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Friday, July 28, 2006

Printable Pirate Coloring Pages

Avast ye little landlubbers! Keep them happy with these pirate coloring pages. Added to Kids Crafts

Categories: Kids Crafts
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Bandana Halter Top

A simple summer top that seems to be popular this year. The directions are in pdf format. Added to Sewing

Categories: Sewing
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Monopoly Money Belt

I haven't seen this one before - a trend in the making, a belt made of Monopoly game money. Added to Sewing.

Categories: Sewing
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knitted Fur-trimmed Baby Hoodie

Fun knitted sweater jacket sized for babies 9-24 month. Added to Crochet and Knitting and Baby Crafts

Categories: Baby Crafts, Knitting and Crochet
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All About the Boy Applique Quilt

Stitch up a special quilt customized to your favorite little boy. Added to Quilting.

Categories: Quilting
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Crackled Souvenir Box

Use your favorite rubber stamps to create a box to hold vacation memories. Added to Rubber Stamping.

Categories: Stamping
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Packaged Candy Sleigh

Here's a Christmas party favor made from candy canes and packaged treats. Added to Christmas Crafts.

Categories: Christmas Crafts
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Print and Fold a Paddle Steamer

You may have to explain what it is to the kids, but it is a fun craft to make. Added to Computer Crafts.

Categories: Computer Crafts
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Herb Garden Window Box

Pretty soon, I'll want to bring my herbs indoors. This window box will help. Added to Woodworking.

Categories: Woodworking
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Saturday, July 22, 2006 Crafts Crossword - Digital Photography Crossword

Digital Photography Crossword
Have you gotten the hang of your digital camera? Try our crafts crossword puzzle. Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Needlework
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New Projects in Painting and Drawing

Drawing and Painting is all-new! Here's some of the free projects added:

How to Make a Pen and Ink Drawing from Stills
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Face Proportions
Face Shapes
Drawing with Watercolor Pencils
Sketchbooks from the Archive of American Art
Drawing a Barn - Renaissance Perspective
Color Pencil Challenge Lessons
Draw Online
Blind Contour Drawing
Cartoonster Animation Tutorial
How to Draw a Cartoon Character
Action Figure Flipbook
Colored Pencil Portrait
Drawing Paper Types
Contour Drawing
Drawing Portraits in Charcoal
Colored Pencils on Black Paper
Drawing Ships
How to Draw Star Wars
Learn to Draw NeoPets
Draw Egyptian Art
Drawing 101
Drawing Life Portraits
Draw Animated Characters
Draw a Realistic Horse
Draw Sagwa and Friends
Escher's Eye Pencil Exercise
How to Draw Hands
How to Draw Feet  
Beginning Decorative Painting
Watercolor Crayon Resist
Elegant Glass Painted Flutes
Wooden Cocktails Tray
Faux Mosaic Frame
Vineyard Wall Hanging
Cowboy House Number
Patriotic Flag Tray
Faux Finishing Tips
Pansy Planter
Angelic Bunny Pin
Gingerbread Boy Lamp pdf
Watercolor Sunflower
Bunny Pin
Basic Brush Strokes
One Stroke Rose Tutorial
Folk Art Sheep Chair
One Stroke Wedding Scrapbook Page
Everything's Coming Up Roses Tray
Checkerboard Bowl
Flower Garden Serving Set
Painting Carpet
Block Snowman
Violet Bouquet Goblet & Plate
Watercolor Gerber Daisies Pillow
Wooden Christmas Ornaments
Elegant Painted Box with Tassel
How To Glass Paint
How To Watercolor
BBQ Apron
Grill Master T-Shirt
Clay Pot Pokes
Basic Brush Strokes Tutorial
Shamrock Candy Dish
Ho Ho Ho Holiday Shelf
Hopscotch Mat
Painting Cutlery
Faux Moorcroft Pottery
Painting Carpet
Moose Crossing Toy Chest
Yard & Garden Stakes
Pumpkin Votive Holder
Painting Videos
One Stroke Eggs
Patriotic Birdhouse
One Stroke Holly Days Box
Pumpkin Pinata
Halloween Candy Box
Haunted Birdhouses
Cat Doorstop
Bushel Buddy
Painted Wood Pumpkin
1870 Milk Paint Formula
Daisy Penholder
FolkArt Paint Colors Charts
Painted Bibs
Homemade Chalkboard Paint
Painted Dunking for Apples
Corner Hanger Santa
Wooden Letter Bookends
Harvest Stool
Waving Santa
Melting Wooden Snowman
Painted Turkey Jar
Gingerbread Birdhouse
Painted Leprechaun Wreath
Painted Easter Egg Express
"Snowflakes for Sale"
One Stroke Baby Box
Americana Painted Bench
Painted Name Sign
Yellow Duckie Container
Patriotic Christmas Ornaments
Retro Patio Set
Simple Seed Apron
Red, White and Blue Birdhouse
Americana Step Stool
Faux Metal Fireplace Screen
Paint Your Mailbox
Beginner China Painting
Decorative Leaf Pins
Painted Poppy Cupboard
Painted Placemats and Box
Painted Cowboy Boots
Painted Springtime BasketLilac Wedding Set
Cherries Kitchen Set
Flower Vase Favors & Place Cards
Iridescent Swirl Vase
Big Daisy Garden Sign
Retro Beach Welcome Sign
Spring Bunny Hangers
The Stockings were Hung...
Tin Pumpkin
Frayed Flag on a Brick
Varnishing Guide
Kitchen Herb Pots
Barnyard Birdhouse
Fish Mobile
Chubby Snowman Stool
Candy Corn Critters
Butterfly Tiles
Painted Dog Dish & Placemat
Fish Painted Child's Chair
Stenciled Baby Shirts & Bibs
Blueberry Tray
Aged Blue Shelves
Painted Margarita Glass
Fall Leaves Crate
Christmas Cookie Jar
Stenciled Xmas Centerpiece
Stenciled Canisters
Chalkboard Mug
Painted Floral Lampshade
Vegetable Lazy Susan
One Stroke Baby Announcement
Red Hat Bowl
Christmas Gourds

Kodak EasyShare Gallery
Share your most beloved moments through gifts from the Kodak EasyShare Gallery store

Categories: Newsletter, Painting
Link to this Entry Arts & Crafts Book Review - Kathy Ross Crafts

Kathy Ross Crafts
Letter Shapes
Letter Sounds
Triangles, Rectangles, Circles and Squares

Here's a delightful series of arts and crafts books to teach or reinforce letters, numbers, and shapes with your children. Kathy Ross is one of my favorite kids crafts authors, because the projects are age-appropriate and use common items. Most of the projects encourage further play and exploration, too. Best of all, they're always a hit with the kids!

Letter Sounds contains 29 different projects. Every letter is represented - from "Activity on an Anthill" to "Zipper-Bag Zoo Book." The last 3 projects use the entire alphabet. The final project uses and Altoids mint tin, a magnetic strip, construction paper and a hole punch to make a take-along letter builder in a box. Great for car trips and waiting rooms. Some of my other favorites inclued "Pear Print Penguins," "High-House Hat," and " Under an Umbrella."

Letter Shapes continues the theme - from Airplane A to Zinnia Z, with a few extra alphabet projects at the end. Each project is based on a pre-cut letter. If you're working with a group, they suggest using a die-cut machine. Most of the projects also include other words and images from that letter, which may give you more ideas to build on and talk about while making the project.

Numbers starts with a project for the numbers 1-10, but has several projects incorporating numbers - calendar markers, playing card counters, clock, cell phone, and more. I liked the "Bathtub Boat and Two of each Crayon Animals," which uses up the old crayons in the bin. "Seven-Day Story" also teaches the days of the week and encourages story-telling. "Gift-Bag House" helps kids learn their house numbers.

In Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, and Squares, each project focuses on one type of shape, and there are a five projects for each shape. Most are paper-crafts, with construction paper and glue. Each then uses one or two unique items from wiggle eyes to buttons. "Hairy Squarey" used an empty small pudding box as a decorated planter that grows grass seed. In triangles, we make a triangle handbell, triangle page markers and more. The square decorated post-it pad is a cute gift, too.

This series is great for those who need an introduction to letters, numbers and shapes, and those who could use a reinforcement. Beginning readers will also take to these creative projects and go far with them.

Zoobooks - The #1 Kids Magazine about Animals!
Turn a youngster's love of animals into a love of reading!

Every monthly issue contains eye-popping color illustrations, diagrams and photos - and there's no advertising to get in the way.

Categories: Crafts Book Reviews, Kids Crafts, Newsletter
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From Wendy at

Hello Crafters!

Welcome to our new subscribers. Did you know AllCrafts has 27 crafts categories full of ideas and projects? Plus many more pages of extras. See the whole website here. News

We haven't visited Painting and Drawing lately. Now is a good time to work in a well-ventilated area. Enjoy the many new projects and ideas! See it here

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Categories: Newsletter
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Plastic Canvas Calendar Pattern

Clever idea to make a plastic canvas perpetual calendar. Added to Plastic Canvas.

Categories: Plastic Canvas
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Pompom Elastic Bracelet

An e asy kids craft for the tweens that comes out very nice. Added to Kids Crafts.

Categories: Kids Crafts
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Fancy Ribbon Corners

I love ribbon on scrapbook pages, and here's an easy way to add a fancy ribbon effect to your pages. Added to Scrapbooking. Categories: Scrapbooking
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bridal Shower Games

Lots of bridal shower games listed here. Added to Wedding Crafts.

Categories: Wedding Crafts
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Apache Tears Afghan Pattern

Nice afghan pattern with alternating stripes. The stitch is pretty enough to make it in a solid color, too. Added to Crochet patterns.

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Jointed Teddy Bear Pattern

Such a cute bear, and a great introduction to teddy bear making. Added to Sewing and Doll-Making

Categories: Doll-Making, Sewing
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Perfume Making

Here's the basics of perfume making. The process is not complex, but the end result can be wonderful. Added to Soap-Making

Categories: Soapmaking
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pearls and Pebbles Necklace

Chunky beads and pearls combine to create an elegant necklace, in pdf format. Added to Jewelry-making.

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Watermelon Wreath

Celebrate summer with this watermelon wreath for your front door. Added to Floral Crafts.

Categories: Floral Crafts
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Solo Cup Doll Lamp

Novel idea to create a doll-shaped nightlight. Added to Doll-Making Categories: Doll-Making
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Paper Pieced Toucan Quilt Block

In pdf format, a 6 inch by 8 inch Toucan bird block. Perfect for a rainforest quilt. Added to Quilting.

Categories: Quilting
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Rootin Tooting Cowboy Cross-stitch

A quick design to stitch on anything for a baby boy, in pdf. Added to Needlework and Baby Crafts.

Categories: Baby Crafts, Needlework
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Button Clasp Envelope

In pdf format, here's an envelope template that closes with a button. Love it! Added to Card-Making

Categories: Paper Crafts
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Thursday, July 06, 2006 Crossword Puzzle - Barbie Doll Trivia

Barbie Doll Trivia Crossword
We know you like to make things for her, but how well do you know her? Try our crafts crossword puzzle.
Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Newsletter
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Nature Crafts is updated

Nature Crafts is all-new! Here's some of the free projects added:

Wildcrafting & Nature Crafts

Wood and Twig Tray

Natural Wood Dyes

Painted Nature Shrine

Natural Kaleidoscopes

Fall Floral Wreath

Botanical Table Decor

Decorative Natural Balls

Cheerios Bird Feeder

Birdhouse Birdfeeder

Kitchen Windowsill Potpourri

Twig Coasters

Black Walnut Dye

Spanish Moss Wreath

Dried Apple & Nut Garland

How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Homemade Plantable Paper

Easy Potpourri Pie Craft

Cinnamon-Apple Wreath

Pine Cone projects

Hanging Apple Potpourri

Natural Wreaths

Basket of Lights

What Tree is It?

Forced Flowering Branches

Rose Petal or Pine Cone Napkin Rings

Change the Coloring of Cut Flowers

Plant Dyes

Kids Nature Crafts

Scented Rocks

Twig Easel Craft

Easy Kids Nature Crafts

Make an Ant Farm

Sticks & Leaves Insects

Twig Vase

Potpourri Pinecones

Pine Cone Birdfeeder

Sand Art

Crystal Rock Garden

Backyard Weather Station

Bird Feeding Station

Nature Art Project

Rock Necklace

Sand Dough

Cooking with the Sun

Constellation in a Canister

Ocean in a Bottle

Homemade Weathervane

How to Whistle an Acorn

DIY Bug Box

Pressed Flowers Crafts & Preserving Flowers

Pressed Flowers Database

Pressed Flowers Candles

Decorated Kitchen Set

Cedar Shingle Flower Art

Pressed Flower Switchplate

Pressing Flowers with Waxed Paper

Framing Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flower Clock

Flower Pounding

How to Air-dry Flowers

Glowing Flowers

Microwave Dried Flowers

Lavender Wands

Pressed Flower Lamp

Pressed Posies Album

Pressed Flower Placemats

Leaf Pictures

Gourd Crafts

Gourd Birdhouse

Gourd Butterfly House

Rotary Power Tool Carving Gourds

Mini Gourd Easter Baskets pdf

Make Painted Gourds

Growing & Curing Gourds

Gourd Carving & Inlay

Make a Gourd Drum

How to Cut Gourds

Transfer Design to Gourds

Snake Gourd Rainstick

Paper Bag Gourd Lining

Make a Gourd Lamp

Gourd Paper

Embossed Gourd Jewelry

Colored Pencils on Gourds

Gourd Candleholder

Gourd Lid Stopper

Carved & Pyroengraved Gourd Tutorial

Wood-burned Gourd Easter Basket

Pyroengraving on Gourds

Gourd Purses

Gourd Cat

Pine Needle Rim Tutorial

Gourd Identification Chart

Seashell and Sand Crafts

Seaside Mail Organizer

Fishbowl Sea Candle

Seascape Gel Candle

Clam Shell Change Holder

Sand Dollar Plant Markers

Shell Herb Garden

Driftwood Door Handle

Seashell Wind Chime

Shell Mirror

Categories: Nature Crafts, Newsletter
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Fiskars ScrapBoss Starter Set & Stencil Sets Review

Fiskars ScrapBoss Starter Set & Stencil Sets
Embossing, Stenciling, and Cutting System

Fiskars, well-known for their scissors and paper punches, makes a great system for embossing, stenciling and cutting. It's super for scrapbooking and cardmaking. Everything in these sets works together. I have several of the sets, and thought you might be interested in this versatile system.

The first piece that you need is the Scrapboss. Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches, it's big enough for full-size scrapbook pages. Templates are fastened to it by repositionable pegs. Underneath, there's a storage tray to store templates and paper. It comes with 2 styluses, some stencils, and a project book. The Scrapboss can use any stencils and templates that Fiskars makes.

There's a smaller cousin, the Shapeboss. > It fits stencils and templates that are 9 inches by 11 inches and smaller. It comes with a stylus and some stencils. It does not have the storage tray. For the smallest sizes, try the Cardboss > or Mini ShapeBoss Set > The stencils listed on those pages both work on the Scrapboss and Shapeboss.

Embossing and Stenciling

Embossing and stenciling are very easy with this system. The laser-cut stencils come in two parts. First you lay the bottom piece on the Scrapboss, then the top piece. The top piece has grid lines and is marked, "top." Next I usually put a couple pegs in the corners to hold it securely in place. I position the paper, cardstock, or thin metal in between the two pieces and, start embossing. The styluses comes with different size tips. Smaller tips are better for detailed areas, while large areas can be finished quickly with the bigger tips.

The stencils come in a large variety, from abstract lines and letters, good for lots of pages, to holiday and baby themes. If you click on the small pictures on this page and this page, you can see the details of each one.

Sometimes I emboss right on a 12x12" scrapbook page and create borders and frames. I also make embellishments by embossing smaller pieces or copper pieces. I usually emboss before cutting them out. It's easier.

Another set that I use alot to make photo mats and embellishments for scrapbooking and cards are the Texture Plates >. They're made of hard plastic with holes at the top for the pegs. Each is two-sided, with a different texture on each side. The assortment pack is a great value and contains 6 double sided plates (12 designs) including hearts/ stars, lines/waves, bubbles/dots, squares/fabric, stones/bricks and wood/leaves.

I use the Texture Plates with the Shape Templates that I'll talk about later to create my own textured die-cuts. For example, I put the heart shape template on the Scrapboss with a hearts texture plate beneath it. I slide my paper in-between. I emboss inside the heart shape, creating a hearts texture. Then I cut out the heart shape. It's very cute! I also like to create titles this way, using the letter and number shape templates and the other texture plates.


The Fiskars templates for cutting are designed for the ShapeCutter >. It's a very safe and accurate way to cut out clean shapes and letters. The cutting mat and shape templates fit the Scrapboss or Shapeboss and have holes to secure them with the pegs. Using the ShapeCutter is very simple. Hold the base of the ShapeCutter inside the template and follow around the edge. To cut a freehand design, I just look down at the blade and follow my traced line. The blade is adjusted by a knob on top for different paper thicknesses.

The ShapeTemplates are sturdy plastic with grid lines, and can be stored in a binder. They have several shapes on each one, and some have border designs along the sides. They come in many varieties > and letters and numbers. > There's also a set of Super Size ShapeTemplates >. On these, you can use the inside and outside of each shape, That's great for cropping a photo and creating a matching shape mat.

Overall, I use the Scrapboss alot in my paper-crafting. It's very versatile, and I can create many different looks, cards, and layouts.

Categories: Crafts Book Reviews, Newsletter, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking
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Arts & Crafts Coupons
Receive free standard shipping on your online order of $25 or more Code: JULFSA625 Expires: 07/31/06
Free Shipping - New Customers. Code: FIRST
15% Off any order- Code: KSABQ15 Exp. 7/10/06

See more arts and crafts coupons

Categories: Coupons, Newsletter
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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Faux Metal Fireplace Screen

Make a faux fireplace screen to paint or stencil. Added to Drawing and Painting

Categories: Painting
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Easter Bunny Block

Strip piece the background and applique the bunny in this cute block or wall-hanging. Added to Quilting and Easter Crafts

Categories: Easter Crafts, Quilting
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No-Sew Bunny Ear Blanket

Two layers of fleece and creative cutting make a cute baby blanket. Added to Baby Crafts

Categories: Baby Crafts
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Watercolor Stamping

Simple technique to create a different look with your rubber stamps. Added to Rubber Stamping

Categories: Stamping
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