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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 Crafts Categories Word Search

New! Can you find all the crafts categories at Print out our crafts word search puzzle.

Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Newsletter
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Quilting is Updated

Quilting is all-new! Here's some of the free projects added:

Quilting Techniques and Tips

Beginner's Guide

Quilting Basics

Cheap and Free Lightbox Ideas

Figuring Setting Triangles for On-point Layouts

No-Waste Flying Geese

Fabric Calculator

Fabric Swatch Ring (.pdf)

Tip of the Week at Fons and Porter

Rotary Techniques

Stack and Slash

Quilt Bed Sizes

Quilter's News Network

Quilt Documentation Form pdf

Quilt Guild Fun

Quilt Guild Puzzlers

Quilt Guild Bingo Cards

Quilter's Word Search

Quilter's Fun

Paper Piecing

Paper Piecing Primer

Paper Piecing Slide Show

Foundation Piecing Online Lessons and Patterns

Learn to Paper Piece

Paper Piecing Tips

Borders and Finishing a Quilt

Easy mitered borders

Finishing your Quilt

Tying a Quilt

Binding with Piping

Quilt Care

Caring for Heirlooms

Quilt Care and Storage

Quilt Care Tips

Hand Quilting and Piecing

How to Hand Piece

Quilting in a Hoop

Making Your Own Templates

Hand Quilting with Multiple Needles

Perfect Your Hand Quilting Stitch


Fusible Machine Applique

Starch and Press Applique

Freezer Paper Needleturn Hand Applique

Dyeing Fabric

Fabric Dyeing

Dyeing Fabric in a Crock-Pot

How to Batik

Computer Quilting

Freeware to Help Quilters

How to Print on Fabric

Using Fabric Bitmaps in Quilting Software

Making Cotton Inkjet Fabric Sheets

EQ Lessons at Patchpieces

Electric Quilt Demos

Electric Quilt Palette of the Month Free Download

Quilt Racks and Hangers

Building a Quilt Rack

Quilt Hanger

Simple Quilt Rack

Lighted Quilt Hanger

Quilt Patterns and Quilt Blocks


Long May She Wave Wall Quilt

Easter Bunny Block

Palm Trees Applique Block

Patriotic Memorial Quilt

Scrappy Scotties

Simple Applique Shapes

Shoes and Socks Quilt

Day at the Beach Quilt

Candy Cane Lane Quilt

Ghoulies and Ghosties Quilt

Rattling Bones Wallhanging

Sunbonnet Sue

Easter Quilt and Pillow

Pieced Quilt Blocks

Train Quilt

Strip Doll Quilt

My Wedding Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt

Quick Halloween Quilt

Christmas Wreath

Flying Geese Basics

Faux Log Cabin

Pineberry Star Quilt Block

Beaded Quilt

Santa Face Block

Mini Halloween Quilt

Midnight Glow Mystery Quilt

Heart Quilt made with lace doilies

All About the Boy Quilt

Friendship Autograph Quilt pdf

8 Point Star Rag Quilt pdf

American Girl Period Quilts

Farm Friendly BOM

Charm Templates

Easy Cat Nap Quilt

Beginner Rail Fence Block

Trip Around the World

Bubbles Quilt

Jack in the Pulpit Blocks

Geese in the Corner Quilt pdf

Quilt in a Day - Garden Gate

Advent Quilt BOM

Tulip Hill Quilt

Stars and Strips Quilt

Crib Size Mystery Quilt

Southwest Stars BOM

Heartfelt Signature Quilt

Paper Piecing Spring Butterfly - Paper Piecing

Xmas Mystery Quilt

Bottle/Jar Quilt

Panda Foundation Piecing

Iris Foundation Piecing

Bamboo Foundation Piecing

Crocus and Daffodil Blocks

Castle Block

Paper Pieced Mini Blocks

Paper Pieced Morning Glory

Paper Pieced Toucan pdf

Beginner Heart Pattern

Flamingo Paper Pieced

Foundation Pieced Shamrock

Christmas Runner

Mini Paper Pieced Blocks

Stork & Bundle Block Flannel Shirt Block

Hawaiian Shirt Block

Log Cabin Christmas Tree

Computer Quilting

Faux Watercolor Quilt

Printable Fabric Quilt Pillow

Custom Made-by Labels

Vintage Santa Wallhanging

Holiday Create-a-Fabric

Medallion Anniversary Quilt

Treasured Memories Photo Quilt

Free EQ5 RJR Projects

Free EQ5 Marcus Brothers Projects

Quilt Block Libraries

1200+ Free Quilt Blocks

McCall's Quilting Free Quilt Blocks

State Quilt Blocks

'Strolling the Block' BOM

Sampler Block of the Months

BOM Archives


Applique and Foundation Pieced Blocks

Miscellaneous Quilt Patterns

Tumbling Block Tote


Lace Mesh Bowls (pdf)

Clover Iron Travel Bag (pdf)

Fabric Bowls

Apple Butter Placemats

Quilted Spa Bag

Patriotic Picnic Basket

Fabric Gift Basket

NY State Star Table Topper

Strip-Pieced Tote

Crazy Quilt Stocking

3-D Xmas Ornament

Freedom Flag Wallet

Round Tuit

Coasters and Hanger

Quilted Table Ensemble

Quilted Headboard

Quilting Designs

Continuous Line Quilting Designs

Quilting Motifs

Maple Leaf Quilting Design

Quilting Designs

Baby Quilts

Precious Peeps Baby Quilt

Baby Shower Signature Quilt

Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Serger Quilt as You Go Baby Quilt

Hush Little Baby Quilt

Super Fast Nine Patch

Animal Crackers Quilt

Duckies Paper Piecing

3-D Pinwheels Baby Quilt

Nursery Windows Quilt

Giraffe Growth Chart

Baby Mystery Quilt

Categories: Newsletter, Quilting
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Locker Hooking Craft Review

Locker Hooking Craft Review

An easy and relaxing craft that creates attractive, durable items.

Recently, while sitting in a waiting room cross-stitching, I noticed another woman doing a craft that I had not seen before. She was using an odd type of crochet hook, pulling loops of fabric through a rug hooking canvas. Locker hooking, she explained, and pointed me to the website of MCG Textiles, where she bought her hook and books.

Locker hooking is a simple craft that creates durable, attractive items, from rugs to purses and more. The two essentials are a locker hooking tool and rug hooking canvas. The other items can vary. A locker hooking tool has a crochet hook on one end and a large needle eye on the other. The crochet end is used to pull loops of your material through the holes in the canvas mesh. After you've pulled up a few loops onto the hook, then the needle eye, threaded with yarn or cord, is pulled through the loops, locking them in place.

I'm working on two locker hooking projects right now. The first is a hot pad, using fabric strips. It is the beginner project from this book by MCG Textiles. To create the fabric strips, I notched a yard of fabric every inch and tore several strips at once. To lock the loops, I'm using the cord from MCG Textiles. It is precut into handy one yard lengths. The edges of my rug canvas were turned under a few rows, and whip-stitched with a fabric strip, using the needle eye of the tool, to create a finished edge. The first row of locker hooking is the trickiest on this project. The first square in the lower right corner has 3 layers of canvas, because of the edge, and is partially filled with the whip stitching. The next rows were easier, and I became more comfortable with the up and down motion.

I've heard reports that fabric locker-hooked rugs still look beautiful after years of use and machine-washing. Looking at my little hot pad, I can believe it. It is very sturdy, and has a nice country style to it.

My second project in progress is a purse from this book by MCG Textiles and Lion Brand Yarns. This time, I'm using Lion Brand Homespun yarn as both the loops and locker yarn. I'm making the purse pictured on the front cover. The yarn locker hooking is a little easier than fabric, since the yarn is thinner than the fabric strips. It's creating a great nubbly texture, that also looks to be very sturdy. This is one yarn purse that will not stretch out or sag. The two pieces of the purse are made separately, then stitched together to form a simple purse. In the pattern, they embellish the top edges with an eyelash-style yarn, but I may use a ribbon yarn or continue with the Homespun yarn. We'll see when I get there.

I've also read about Australian locker hookers using rovings from their herds of sheep for the loops. I think this is wool fiber that's been washed, but not spun into yarn. Sounds interesting. Rovings are available in colors or natural from sheep farms online.

Locker hooking is an easy, relaxing craft. Patterns are drawn on the canvas, so no counting of rows or stitches. Depending on the size of your project, it's easy to take along, and easy to put down when the need arises. I find myself picking it up in the evenings to relax. MCG Textiles has photos and instructions, plus all the supplies and books on their website.


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Arts and Crafts Coupons
Save 50% on Cropper Hopper Vertical Storage.
Discount Coupon Code: CVA5697 Exp. 9/2/06
10% Off Tote-ally Cool On-The-Go Craft Bag.
Discount Coupon Code: PNB4487 Exp. 9/2/06
$5 Off any $50+ order.
Discount Coupon Code: CC5599

$190 off Brother ES2000 77 Stitch Function Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine
Great sewing machine at a great price at Amazon.ocm

See more arts and crafts coupons


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We're switching to a new email server for this newsletter, and we need your help. Since we've grown so much, we will be using a new service to send out this newsletter. To switch, we must confirm all 20,000 newsletter subscribers on our list. This week, please look for an email from us with the subject "Confirm your subscription to allcrafts." To continue to receive the newsletter, you must click on the blue link in the email. As a thank you, we'd like to give you 200 of our favorite fonts. If you have questions, please email me.

Here's a sample of the email:

Confirm Email Screenshot

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Edible Jewelry for Kids

A simple project for the younger kids. Maybe you can sneak something healthy into the edible beads ideas. Added to Kids Crafts

Categories: Kids Crafts
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Shelley's Scrapbook Layouts

I had a fun time browsing the layouts in this gallery. They say they have 800 layouts. Added to Scrapbooking

Categories: Scrapbooking
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Friendship Autograph Quilt

Need a simple quilting project to remember a special occasion? Try this easy Autograph Quilt. It's in PDF format. Added to Quilting

Categories: Quilting
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Beaded Pearl Rosary

Nice directions for a beaded pearl rosary using a wire-wrapped loop technique. Added to Jewelry-Making

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making
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Golden Anniversary Candy Wrapper Template

Mini chocolate bars customized to the celebrating couple are a great favor or package decoration. The template is for Microsoft Publisher. Added to Computer Crafts

Categories: Computer Crafts
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Ribbon-tied Wedding Invitation Scrolls

Looking for a different style wedding invitation? Ribbon-tied scrolls may be just right for your wedding. Added to Wedding Crafts

Categories: Wedding Crafts
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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crochet Socks

Now crocheters can make warm and cosy socks for the winter with this clever pattern. Added to Crochet and Knitting

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Wastebasket Fabric Cover

Directions with photos to make a custom fabric cover for a small wastebasket. Added to Sewing

Categories: Sewing
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Two Little Girl Scouts Benefit While TV Network Buried in Pine Cones

Here's a fun story. Two young Girl Scouts began a website to fundraise by selling Ponderosa pine cones. Meanwhile, the UPN network decides to cancel a show called Everwood. The show's newspaper is called The Pine Cone. To save the show, viewers begin ordering a deluge of pinecones to send to the network. The Girl Scouts have a great fundraiser.
I'm sure the pine cones are great for nature crafts, too.

Categories: Nature Crafts
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to School Supplies Crossword

Is it that time already? Try our crafts crossword puzzle.

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New Projects in Gardening Crafts

Gardening Crafts is all-new! Here's some of the free projects added:

Stepping Stones

Build a Pond

Painting Terra Cotta Pots

Plant Markers

Backyard Weather Station

Forcing Bulbs Indoors

Find Your Gardening Zone by Zip Code

Printable Plant Tags & More

Indoor Fountains

Grow a Garden Maze

Easy Cold Frames

Pottery Bird Bath

Hanging Basket How-To

Creating a Butterfly Garden

Water Features for Small Spaces

Bat House Plans

Easy Raised Bed

Backyard Aviary

Pot Puppy

Indoor Worm Composting

Ladybug Stenciled Pot

Garden Stools

Garden Toolbox & Gloves

In the Garden Wall Cozie

Tin Flower Pot Hanger

Gardener's Storage Box

Mosaic Clay Pot BirdBath

Garden in a Can

Bee Happy Watering Can

Garden Bench Plaque

Smorgasbird Bird Feeder

Clay Pot Bumble Bee

Living Wreath

Bug Plant Pokes

Mosaic Pots

Faux Mosaic Garden Table

Leaky Hose Wreath

Unique Garden Gifts

Clay Standing Fountain

Garden Angel Plant Sign

Garden Signs

Clay Pot Garden Chimes

Mosaic House Number

Outdoor Cushion Cover

Pop Bottle Cloche

Big Daisy Garden Sign

Kitchen Herb Pots

Create Your Dream Garden

Container Gardening with Summer Bulbs

Rustic Garden Pyramid

Building a Raised Bed pdf

Classic Planter Box

Chair Planter

Pot Pals

Greenhouse Window

Mini Picket Fence Planter

Sponge Painted Zen Rocks

Miss Velma Yard Stake

Frog Rain Gauge

Cute Mosaic Stepping Stones

Embossed Metal Butterfly Stake

Crochet Plant Pot Cover

Seed Tray

Knittted Hanging Basket Liner

House Address Stepping Stone

Miniature Gazing Balls

Hanging Flower Fairies

Pizza Box Stepping Stone

Miniature Kids Garden

Hanging Birdbath

Wooden Garden Angel

Log Yard Animals

Sandcast Leaf Bird Bath

Willow Garden Edging

Bamboo Trellis

Grow a Coleus Standard

Printable Plant Gift Tags

Water Garden Fountain

Easy Water Fountain

Houseplant Topiary

Grow a Pineapple

Homemade Seed Packets

Cupboard Door Planter

Homemade Seed Tapes

Yard & Garden Stakes

Pop Bottle Irrigation System

Shell Herb Garden

Garden Umbrella

Sand Dollar Plant Markers

Halloween Garden Flags


Looking for fun Crochet, Cross Stitch, Plastic Canvas & Crafts? Try Annie's Attic.

Categories: Gardening, Newsletter
Link to this Entry Arts & Crafts Review The Happy Hooker Crochet Book

The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller

Humble crochet is due for a resurgence. I know, I've said it before, but this book of modern crochet certainly shows it. The patterns in this book are fresh and different. If you're an experienced crocheting, you will be happy buying this book for the shapely sweaters, cool hats, unique baby items, and other interesting patterns.

If you haven't crocheted, or have just crocheted a little, this book is a comprehensive primer on exactly how to do it, how it differs from knitting, and what you need to get started. Not much is necessary, and there's a great explanation of different yarns and hooks.

Though I grew up with crochet, I enjoyed reading about the history of crochet and what types of item crochet makes best - lacy items and sturdy items, but not stretchy ones.

Crochet, through the years, has been taught from person to person. It's probably easiest to learn from someone else. But, if you can learn from a book, this book may be the one. The instructions are conversational and full of little tips. Different methods of holding the yarn and creating the basic stitches are also explained.

The instructions chapters start with a chain stitch, move into single crochet, then into types of double and triple crochet. Adding yarn, increasing and decreasing are also demonstrated. Fancy stitches like shell, popcorn, ribbing, spike stitch, and even granny squares are explained. Tapestry and filet crochet are shown, along with the afghan stitch. The instructions finish with all the info you need to finish a project - joining pieces, seaming, buttonholes, blocking, and more. It is very comprehensive!

Let's talk patterns. The designs are from a variety of the new breed of pattern designers, and they vary a bit in their styles. There are more than 40 patterns, sorted by category. Each pattern lists the weight of the yarn used, which is nice to see.

The scarves and shawls patterns are nice, and the hats are cool enough for teenagers and boys. The bags and totes are unique and mostly retro-modern.

I really liked the clothing in the Spring & Summer and Fall & Winter sections. The summer tops, halters, tanks and t-shirts, are very cute, and similar to what I've seen in stores. The often-requested crochet bikini is vintage style, and includes a carrying bag. The Fall and Winter sweaters are not boxy, and do not look homemade. Your favorite guy might even wear the jolly roger sweater. The "Unseamly Sweater" is shaped through changing stitch patterns. The only seams are at the underarms and armholes.

Patterns for accessories include a wide corset belt, fluffy bunny slippers, wire jewelry and more. Home, gifts and baby items are rather miscellaneous. The sock monkey baby set is a nice change from traditional baby layettes, while still being very cute.

Crocheters of all levels can find something to enjoy in this book. The instructions and reference are valuable to have on your shelf, and there are probably a few patterns for everyone. I even enjoyed reading it.


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Arts & Crafts Coupons

S&S Arts & Crafts
$10 off $40+, $15 off $60+, $25 off $120+, $50 off $250+ or $75 off & Free Shipping on $750+. Coupon Code: E2301 Exp. 8/17/06

A Cherry on Top Scrapbooking Supplies
40% off any one item with $20+ order. Coupon Code: august2973 Exp. 8/31/06

See more arts and crafts coupons

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scented Pine Cones Basket

Add color and nature to your home this winter. The kids can help with scenting the pine cones, too. Added to Nature Crafts and Christmas Crafts .

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Nature Crafts
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Plastic Canvas Sailboat Key Holder

No more hunting for your keys with this nautical themed key holder stitched on plastic canvas. Added to Plastic Canvas.

Categories: Plastic Canvas
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Little Sayings for Cards

Categorized by types, here's a website full of cute sayings great for cards and scrapbooking. Added to Card-making.

Categories: Paper Crafts
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