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Sunday, October 30, 2005

American Flag Bookmarks - Plastic Canvas

Two different USA bookmarks stitched on plastic canvas. I like the eagle design - it has a vintage feel. Added to Plastic Canvas and Patriotic Crafts.

Categories: Patriotic Crafts, Plastic Canvas
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wedding Memories Box - Wedding Crafts

Cute gift idea. Wouldn't it be nice if the colors were customized to match the wedding party? I think so, too.
Added to Wedding Crafts section at Categories: Wedding Crafts
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Single Use Soap Petals - Soapmaking

Here's a unique idea in guest soaps.
Added to Candle & Soap-making section at Categories: Soapmaking
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Monday, October 24, 2005 Crossword Puzzle - Halloween

Halloween Crossword
Ghosts, and goblins, and things that go "Boo!" Try our crafts crossword puzzle. Categories: Crafts Crosswords, Halloween Crafts, Newsletter
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Hello from Wendy - Newsletter

The latest issue of the AllCrafts Update has been emailed. We'll summarize it for the blog. More info about the newsletter can be found here. The current issue is always available at

Christmas is coming...
The Christmas Crafts section at will be updated for our next email newsletter. Looking for a Christmas Craft? Do you have a great Christmas Crafts resource?

Gemini Dreams Beads is a large website for all things jewelry-making and beading. If we've inspired you with our new Beading page, this is a good place to get started. Their sale prices are great. Enjoy! Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Crafts Supplies, Newsletter
Link to this Entry Arts & Crafts Book Review - Make Money Making Scrapbooks for Others

Make Money Making Scrapbooks for Others: The Complete guide for Creating the Career of Your Dreams by Sue DiFranco

Wondering if you could work from home, doing the craft you love? Well, if you have a talent for scrapbooking, you may be in luck. This book is a thorough and encouraging guide to every aspect of starting and succeeding as a Custom Scrapbook Artist (CSA).

The 3 main sections of the book are: (1) Starting a CSA business, 2) How to be a CSA, and, 3) Marketing your business.

There are many issues to consider when opening a home-based business. From local zoning laws, to registering a business name and a domain name, a business owner needs to make careful decisions. There is excellent info in these chapters to guide you in starting your business right. The checklist at the end of the chapter is handy for any businessperson.

Once the basics of a business are covered, the book moves to the details of being a Custom Scrapbook Artist, and really begins to excel. This author is not afraid to tackle difficult issues head-on, and she begins with the thorny topics of copyright and supplies. Avoid the pitfalls when you are reselling scrapbook supplies in albums to your clients by reading this chapter. It's good info.

Many business crafts books give little attention to teaching pricing, while it is usually a craftsperson's first and recurring question. The pricing chapter considers the issue from different perspectives, giving you tools to apply to your marketplace.

I enjoyed the detailed example of arranging a client consultation - before the meeting, confirming the meeting, what to bring, and more. Being well prepared for working with your client and their photos will help make the entire album go more smoothly.

Marketing your business is the largest section of this book. No marketing experience is necessary - it begins with the basics. The next chapters provide enough business promotion ideas to last for years. Many of these techniques are applicable to any business. Here are some of the topics - "Almost" Free Marketing, Direct Mail, Publicity, and Paid Advertising.

After you've become a bit established, your business will be ready to try the more advanced techniques. She suggests ways of marketing to niches, and adding items and services. Plenty to keep your business humming along.

This book is up-to-date - websites and pay-per-click search engine marketing are discussed. There is an extensive reference section of vendors and groups to contact. A CD containing documents to help you in your business, including a sample contract, is included.

The tone of the book is encouraging while presenting a great deal of specific practical information. It covers many issues that I had not considered, including the tricky topics of supplies, pricing, and customer contracts. Many of the ideas and tips are helpful for any home-based business.

If you are considering this career choice, I highly recommend this book. You will return to it again and again - as you begin as a CSA, and while running your business.

Categories: Crafting Business, Crafts Book Reviews, Newsletter, Scrapbooking
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New Projects in Beading and Jewelry-making

Jewelrymaking is all-new! Here's some of the free projects added:

Crimp Bead Technique
Beaded Jewelry Reference
Beaded Aqua Lariat
Egyptian Earrings
Stitch Markers for Knitting
Hollow Tube Beads
Hand Knotted Rosary Beads
Bead Charm Bracelet
#1 Dad Mini Beaded Banner
Beaded Key Chain for Mom
Candy Corn Keychain
Crayon & Pencil Beadies
Loom Beading Alphabet
Beaded Roses
Wire & Ribbon Necklace
Handbag Charms
Beaded Star Card
Beaded Hipster Belt
Beaded Tree Decoration
Loop Clasp Beaded Bracelet
Beaded Star & Icicle
Funky Fimo Jewellery
Moebius Bead
Beaded Flip Flops

Fashion Chandelier Earrings
Jeweled Drop Earrings
Floating Illusion Necklace
Beaded Pink Panther Ring
Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklace
Beaded Poodle Dog
Beaded Valentine Day Heart
Beaded Christmas Tree
Beaded Crystal Lamp
Beaded Lighthouse Lamp
Photo Mobile
Cell Phone Charms
Beaded Tablecloth Weights
Bugle Bead Bracelet
Bead & Ribbon Bookmark
Bead Basics
Test Tube Tussie Mussie
Framed Heart Peyote Pattern
Basic Jewelry Findings
Right Angle Weave Bracelet
Beaded Mesh Pencil Holder
Art Clay Pendant
Memory Wire Bracelet

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Newsletter
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fabric Bowls - Quilting

Here's the directions for fabric bowls. Added to Quilting section at
> Categories: Quilting
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Santa Penguin Miniature Ornament - Christmas Crafts

Too cute! Polymer clay project that uses basic tools and some sculpey knowledge.

Added to Christmas Crafts section at





Categories: Christmas Crafts
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Oak Leaf Cuts - Holiday Crafts

Kids paper craft for autumn. Very similar to cutting paper snowflakes. Added to Holiday Crafts section at
Categories: Holiday Crafts, Kids Crafts
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Candy Corn Keychain - Halloween Crafts

Quick and easy beading project. It would be great as an embellishment to a Halloween wallhanging or decoration. Added to Halloween Crafts section at

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Halloween Crafts
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Clay Gingerbread House Ornaments - Xmas Crafts

While I'm working on the update of Jewelry-making & Beading for later this week, I keep finding cute Christmas projects. They're a preview - Christmas Crafts will be updated after Jewelrymaking is finished. Added to Christmas Crafts section at

Categories: Christmas Crafts
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Dish Towel Angel - Wedding Crafts

Good directions to arrange dish towels into a pretty gift. Added to Wedding Shower in the Wedding Crafts section at


Categories: Wedding Crafts
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fabric Gift Basket - Sewing

Cute gift project - uses 2 fat quarters, some batting, interfacing and ribbon. Added to Sewing section at Categories: Sewing
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Chemo Caps - Sewing

This pattern is designed for knit or fleece, and comes in sizes for men, women and children. Added to Sewing section at


Categories: Sewing
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Lion Brand Yarn Ponchos Auctions for AmeriCares

The Lion Brand Yarn Company ( listed 27 charity, poncho auctions on eBay this week. Each of the auctions feature a one-of-a-kind, hand-made, poncho that was worn by a member of the studio audience at the September 13th, 2005 taping of the new "Martha" TV show in New York. Winning bidders will receive a poncho, an 8" x 10" photo of the Lion Brand staff wearing the ponchos on the set of the Martha show taping and a letter from Lion Brand certifying that the poncho was worn at the September 13th 2005 taping of "Martha" in Manhattan. Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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New - Buy text ads at

>We've taken the leap - after several requests, we've found a way to run advertisers on The text ads run at the top of most pages of the site. Categories: Newsletter
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Paper Piecing Mini Blocks - Quilting

These cute little blocks would be adorable as mini pillows. Added to Quilting section at  Categories: Quilting
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