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Categories: Newsletter
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Knitted Wet/Dry Mop Cover

Tired of buying refill pads for your wet/dry mop? Knit one instead! Added to Knitting Miscellaneous Projects

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Crochet Tab Top Curtains Pattern

I need curtains for my den. The windows face the backyard, so no privacy concerns -- just looking for something to add color, dress up the windows, and you know, pull the room together. A tall order for mere window decor, I know, but then, I found this pattern for Crochet Tab Top Curtains. I love the way the three colors blend together. It's gotta help pull this multi-use room together!

Added to Home Decor Crochet Patterns

Categories: Knitting and Crochet
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Sew a Cozy Spiral Scarf

Someday winter will end, I know it will... Until then, look extra-special in a Cozy Spiral Scarf - easy to sew from fleece and fun to embellish! Added to Sewing Patterns

Categories: Sewing
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Best Moisturizing Soap Recipe

Help! Winter dry skin is making me crazy! Here's a Best Moisturizing Soap Recipe that I've got to try! Added to Soapmaking Recipes

Categories: Soapmaking
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Make an Embroidered Ring

So hip, and a good excuse to try out new embroidery stitches! Plus, Embroidered Rings can use up extra bits of fabric and floss. Added to Jewelry-Making and Needlework

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Needlework
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Painted Wooden Bird Ornaments Patterns

Take your pick or make them all. Bluebird Pattern, Bluejay Pattern, Cardinal Pattern, Chickadee Pattern, Goldfinch Pattern, and Nuthatch Pattern are available for saw, sand, and paint! Added to Woodworking

Categories: Woodworking
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Embossed Wedding Rings Card

Steady hands, a brass stencil, and gold embossing paste team up to make an ultra-elegant wedding card or wedding invitation. Added to Wedding Invitations and Card-Making

Categories: Paper Crafts, Wedding Crafts
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Blonde Bombshell Knitted Doll Dress

Honestly, a fun and flirty dress to knit for Barbie dolls, though it does bear a passing resemblance to film femme fatale of yore. Added to Doll-making and Knitting projects

Categories: Doll-Making, Knitting and Crochet
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Valentine's Day Cards Crafts

Paper Weaving Heart Card - Interesting technique to use with many types of cards.

Printable Clifford the Big Red Dog Valentine Cards - Customize and print!

Printable Lollipop Valentines - Good last minute gifts

Printable Hearts Candy Bar Wrappers - Wrap up some sweets for your sweetie.

Valentine Rolling Stamp - Create a custom rolling stamp for your cardmaking

Categories: Holiday Crafts, Stamping, Valentine's Day Crafts
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Valentine's Day Crafts - Gifts and Decorations

Candy Cane Hearts - Use up leftover mini candy canes in this fun craft

XOXO Jar - Environmentally savvy crafting, using a recycled jar and craft supplies that you probably already have around the house.

Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern - So cute! Crochet a few for a garland.

Crochet Box of Chocolates - Hee hee! Couldn't resist this one!

Beaded Heart Candleholder - Fun, no pattern needed design

Painted Valentine Hanging Plaque - Pretty enough to display year-round

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Candle-making, Holiday Crafts, Knitting and Crochet, Painting, Recycled Crafts, Valentine's Day Crafts
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Kids Valentine Crafts

Valentines for the Birds - Spread a little love outside, too.

Candy Filled Heart Cards - Homemade cards with a treat inside to hand out to all your friends.

Paper Plate Valentines Holder - An adult needs to punch the holes, and then it's a great lacing activity

Valentine Foam Candy Cup - Easy and cute!

Categories: Holiday Crafts, Kids Crafts, Valentine's Day Crafts
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Mittens, Mittens, Mittens!

Happy winter! It is very cold here, so naturally my thoughts turned to mittens... and hot cocoa. Let's talk about mittens first - here's a great group of all things mitten-ish!
By the way, homemade cocoa is really easy and delicious!

Have a wool sweater that is too worn or outgrown to wear again? Turn it into Mittens, Cut and Sewn from Shrunken Sweaters. It is an easy project to machine or hand sew. Added to Sewing Projects and Recycled Crafts

Walk in the snow with your sweetie and keep warm holding hands with the Lovers' Mitten Added to Knitting Projects

These Crochet Mittens are designed for a women's size small, though you can modify them. They're crocheted in parts and then crocheted together. Great way to use up leftover yarn. Added to Crochet Projects

Ultra-practical, though a bit challenging, Broad Street Mittens, turn into "hobo" gloves when you need to get keys out of your purse, put on chapstick, etc, etc. Added to Knitting Projects

Protect your fingers from hot drinks and keep them extra warm, too when you knit a Coffee Sweater Added to Knitting Projects

Rather stay inside and get some crafts done? Me, too! Cross-stitch these Gingerbread Man Mittens for a sweet gift. I think this chart would also work up nicely in plastic canvas for a Christmas tree ornament or package decoration. Added to Needlecrafts Projects

While you're keeping the homefires burning, enjoy this cute video of Martha Stewart making Monster Mittens with a chatty first-grader who steals the show.
Close the video to view the directions and pattern. Added to Sewing Projects

If your kids always lose their mittens, perhaps they'll hang on to them if you turn them into puppets with these animal and people puppet knitted additions. Added to Knitting Projects

Most little girls will love these Bunny Hat and Paw Mittens. Too precious! Also great for a cold weather Halloween costume. Added to Sewing and Halloween Projects

The inevitable lost mitten can be turned into cute puppets using felt and fabric glue. Added to Kids Crafts and Recycled Crafts

Finally, when it's just too cold to go outside, keep them busy with mitten-themed activities. Added to Kids Crafts

Categories: Halloween Crafts, Kids Crafts, Knitting and Crochet, Needlework, Recycled Crafts, Sewing
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JOY Stenciled Letters

Spread a little JOY in your decor! Painted letters are stenciled with Christmas ornaments in this fun idea. Added to Christmas Crafts and Painting.

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Painting
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Crochet Clothespin Angel

Crochet this cute Clothespin Angel for your Christmas tree or for nice little Christmas gifts. Added to Christmas Crafts and Crochet Patterns

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Knitting and Crochet
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Paint Chip Garland

Recycle paint chips from the hardware store into a festive and contemporary Paint Chip Garland. I think I'd like to add a cute rubber-stamped design on mine. This could work great in other color schemes for other holidays, too. Added to Christmas Crafts and Recycled Crafts.

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Recycled Crafts
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Nativity Stamped Christmas Card

Need a special card? Spend some time stamping and coloring this lovely Nativity Christmas Card. You might have a similar stamp in your collection already. Added to Christmas Crafts, Paper Crafts and Stamping

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Paper Crafts, Stamping
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Clay Pot Nutcrackers

Paint a little army of Clay Pot Nutcrackers. If you paint like me, each face will be unique and quaint! With proper prep, these would be adorable outdoors, and in different sizes, too. Added to Painting Projects and Christmas Crafts

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Painting
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Shaving Cream Painted Candy Cane

It's always fun to play with shaving cream! Add some glue and glitter and make a Shaving Cream Painted Candy Cane. Added to Christmas Crafts

Categories: Christmas Crafts
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3-D Beadie Christmas Ornament

Ready for a beadie challenge? Try this unique 3-D Beadie Christmas Ornament. Added to Christmas Crafts and Beading Projects

Categories: Beading and Jewelry-making, Christmas Crafts
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Wonderland Photo Holiday Greeting Cards

Try an online interactive tool to add up to six photos to instantly create spectacular Christmas cards. Wonderland Photo Holiday Greeting Cards are fun and easy. Added to Christmas Crafts and Paper Crafts

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Paper Crafts
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Gingerbread Advent Countdown

Add a unique but adorable tradition to your holiday season by creating a Gingerbread House Advent Countdown from polymer clay. Added to Christmas Crafts

Categories: Christmas Crafts
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Painted Santa Tray

Put out the cookies and milk with style on a Santa Tray that you paint yourself. Pattern and directions provided. Added to Painting Projects and Christmas Crafts

Categories: Christmas Crafts, Painting
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Homemade Bird Bath Heater

Don't forget your feathered friends this winter. Keep the bird bath free of ice by building your own Bird Bath Heater. Added to Garden Crafts and Nature Crafts

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Spread Holiday Cheer Postcards

Though I found this cute idea on a toddler website, I highly recommend it for all ages. Let your neighbors know you care by leaving "We Just Wanted You to Know That We Love Your Decorations" postcards on their doors. Added to Christmas Crafts

Categories: Christmas Crafts
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