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Over 500 Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Knitting socks is one of the best reasons to learn knitting. Knitting socks is fun, portable and even fast to do, once you've knitted a few pairs of socks. With our huge collection of over 500 free knitting socks we've got your tootsies covered. Whether you want to knit socks on pointed knitting needles or circular knitting needles, find a great free sock knitting pattern here!

Looking to knit socks for kids, men or women - you'll be happy to find many free sock knitting patterns here! If you need help with knitting heels on socks, try browsing the free sock knitting patterns to find tips.

I like knitting patterned socks for myself to match different outfits. Knitting socks is also great for using up a ball or two of yarn hanging around. When I want to try a special yarn, I knit comfy socks to try it out and see how it works up in one of my favorite sock knitting patterns. Patterned socks are a fun way to combine yarns. I also like to learn new stitches by knitting up a nice pair of socks.

Knitted socks are hard to beat as a special gift, especially for Christmas. Nothing keeps you cozy and warm like hand-knitted socks! And isn't it great when you can knit something so practical and useful as socks? These are not the dreaded socks for Christmas, these are special handmade knitted socks that show how much care.

Want to practice your knitting and take it with you? Pick one of the beginner sock knitting patterns and away you go! Sock knitting fits in your bag and you can work on it just about anywhere. Knitting socks gets a little addictive - of course, you can't make just one! But you can make lots of knitted socks from this plethora of free socks patterns!

Wondering what yarn to use for knitting socks? Well, there are yarns specifically made for knitting socks. They will say so right on the label. Great first choice for knitting socks! Otherwise, I would choose a wool or wool blend yarn for knitting socks. Wool or wool blend yarns are breathable and durable for knitting socks. Cotton yarns can work for lightweight knitted socks, but may not be as durable. Synthetic yarns or "fun" yarns can be nice for trim around the ribbing or perhaps if you're knitting a sock with two yarns. That's what I love about knitting socks - so many choices!


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