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Free Locker Hooking Craft Projects

All About Locker Hooking

Locker hooking is a unique craft similar to rug hooking. In locker-hooking, loops of fabric, yarn or wool are pulled through the open weave of a canvas and held in place by a hidden string that is pulled through the loops. One tool is used for both pulling loops through and pulling the locking yarn behind. It has a hook on one end to pull loops and a large needle eye on the other end to pull the locking yarn through the loops.

Resources for viewing locker-hooking and tutorials are listed below.

See the resources below for patterns and ideas

Locker Hooking Materials

The canvas used is generally standard latch hook canvas. However, any open weave material can be used. The loops are made from strips of fabric, yarn or wool roving. Generally cotton fabric is used. It is easy to snip one edge of the fabric and tear strips across. To create long strips, slit the end of each strip and interlock them. Some fabrics can simply be tied with a very small knot. Any pattern fabric can be used. Once it is looped, the pattern will not be seen and often the strangest fabric creates an interesting design.

Generally bulkier yarn and novelty yarn is used to created loops. Special yarn for the locking string is available. It works well in most applications. Unspun wool or roving is sometimes used for locker-hooking and creates a soft look.

The locker hooking needle is essential and canvas is usually necessary but the other elements are up to you! Once you've got the basic equipment, the world of locker hooking will be at your finger tips. Nothing beats the feeling of producing your first locker hooked item.

Resources for materials are listed below.

Locker Hooking Patterns and Designs

Since locker hooking is usually done on a regularly spaced canvas, any design in a grid can be done in locker-hooking Practically speaking, though, simpler designs are best. The outlines of shapes to be filled in with different colors can be drawn or traced onto the canvas using markers. No chart needed! For making a rug or other home decor, using scraps of fabric to create colorful stripes is design enough.

Coloring pages or websites with printable kids pages are great sources for design ideas, too. Search for "coloring pages" and the image. Try "Snowman Coloring Pages"

See the resources below for patterns and ideas.

Locker hooking designers have become very creative and gone past the traditional rugs and pillows to a variety of home decor and wearable items. Recent books are innovative and have lots of fun projects.

Locker Hooking Video Tutorials
Learn how to locker-hook by watching these video tutorials. Each explains the materials and techniques of locker hooking. See exactly how to make fabric loops and lock them with yarn. The video tutorials will play automatically in sequence. Pause the video and you can use the arrows on the side or the thumbnails on the bottom to change videos.


Locker Hooking Materials and Tools

Locker Hooking Needle Locker Hooking Needle
The essential tool for locker hooking. It has a large eye on one end and crochet hook on the other.
Locker Hooking Twine Locker Hooking Yarn
Designed for locker hooking, very helpful.
Locker Hooking Canvas Locker Hooking Canvas with Grid
I use marker to draw my design and the gridded canvas is super!

Locker Hooking Craft Projects

Yarn Locker Hooking Demonstration
From a locker hooking manufacturer
Fabric Locker Hooking Demonstration
From a locker hooking manufacturer
Locker Hooking with Wool Roving
Also called Australian Hooking
Star Locker Hooking Pattern
Uses 1/2 yard each of 2 fabrics
Australian Locker Hooking
History and info about this variation
Locker Hooking Hot Pad Photos
Good photos of a beginner project

Locker Hooking Books

Hook, Loop 'n' Lock: Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects Hook, Loop 'n' Lock: Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects
Fun and fresh! 30+ projects that take locker hooking to the next level.
Fabric Locker Hooking Fabric Locker Hooking
Read my review of this book here. Great resource!
Christmas with Kathleen's Fabric Locker Hooking Christmas with Kathleen's Fabric Locker Hooking
I love the Christmas designs in this book.


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